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Now I like Skyrim as much as the next guy, hell I've spent over 1,500 hours alone on that game going though dozens of different character builds each with their own backstory, set of skills, armors, and alike. Yet I'm not afraid that Skyrim has its issues, some or just simple and common like its bugs and the constant issues I've learned to deal with btw thanks Dawnguard for killing my blacksmith with your constant barrage of vampires I have to deal with every night I go outside. But there are issues in the game itself that I dont approve, and I am guaranteed that there are others who agree with me and hope that they fix this shit in Elder Scrolls 6.

1. The Textures: So in the beginning at first the textures for everything in Skyrim was pretty nice, was much better than that of Oblivion's textures. However looking closely I can say that the normal vanilla textures for Skyrim sucks big time. I'm talking about the lowest form of textures you can get. 512x512 I'm betting for those of the consoles. And on a side note, if you've seen what the people of Nexus Mods can make with textures let me put it this way. To make a "high quality texture" for lets say Iron Armor for example, there's one person on the Nexus that made Iron Armor look like a boss by having the metal plate more smoother and clean, adding small details, making the fur look like actual fur and it costed the guy what less than $10 yet alone absolutely free? Then we look at the basic Iron armor made by the developers of Bethesda and it costed them hundreds or thousands of dollars to make? Do you see all the wrongs here? And this doesnt just goes for the armors, it's also the weapons, the landscape, the clothes, the NCP's, the creatures, everything that is everything looks like shit. Speaking of weapons and armor.

2. Weapon Variation and Armor Slots: Okay lets have a comparison between Morrowind and Skyrim. In Morrowind, we have the weapons; A Dagger, A Short sword, A Longsword, A Claymore, A War axe, A Battleaxe, A Club, A Mace, A Warhammer, A Staff, A Tanto, A Katana, A Wakizashi, A Broadsword, A Saber, A Dai Katana, A Spear, A Halberd, A Short Bow, A Long Bow, A Cross Bow, Darts, Throwing Knives, And Throwing Stars. That's twenty one types of weapons all in that of the vanilla game. No DLC's, no mods, nothing. Now lets get to Skyrim's list of weapons; A Dagger, A Sword, A Great sword, A Bow, A War Axe, A Battleaxe, A Warhammer, and a Mace. Now which one do you think has more customization to weapons? Morrowind with twenty one types of weapons or Skyrim with only eight types of weapons? This even goes with the armor, now I aint going to list you the armors in Morrowind but I'm just going to say that Morrowind has a lot more armor in the game, yet alone more armor slots for character customization. Lets just go with Skyrim's armor slots. We have the helmet, the gauntlets, the boots, the armor, one ring, one necklace, and a shield if you're using one handed. Now that's six to seven pieces of armor for a full set in Skyrim. Not only did they remove the secondary ring slot, but they fused a bunch of armor slots into one piece. In Morrowind, for the one piece they fused together, they fused the cuirass, the greaves, the left and right pauldrons, the belt, the shirt, and the pants. That's practically seven or eight pieces of armor all fused into one. Hell even with the gauntlets there was the left and the right one for Morrowind and with the shield you can still have it equipped when wielding a two handed weapon for it would be on your back. Speaking of which, when you have a staff equipped why when you put your staff down it suddenly disappear? Did Bethesda really forget to have the staff appear on your character's back? Is it because of clipping? I've seen modders make a mod where the staff actually appear on the back and I saw no clipping on their part so what's the deal? What is the issue? Same goes for the secondary weapon when duel wielding. Where does the second weapon go? It just flat out disappear. And when you draw out your weapons, it reappears in your hand. Unless it's a conjured weapon, I dont think that's possible! Speaking of!

3. Magic: Okay so mostly in my Skyrim playthroughs I play as a Necro-Battlemage. A fusion between a Necromancer build and a Battlemage build. I'm rather fine shooting lightning bolts at my enemies and using their bodies as my own undead army, but then it hits in. As you get to higher levels, you cant really reanimate most of the undead because your reanimation spells have a level cap mostly up to 45 or 60 and the equipment that your enemy died in still keep the equipment they have and your offensive spells like your lightning bolts can only do so much damage and most likely you'll be sticking with a sword you can easily enhance in smithing and enchant it with a lightning enchantment so you can also cause lightning damage to your enemies all with no magic cost for you thus making most of these spells useless. It also goes with other spells as well such as Invisibility, where if you have a low Sneak skill it's utterly pointless no matter how high your Illusion skill is. Telekinesis, well if you have a bunch of junk or iron swords with you then maybe it be useful then. The way I see it, Telekinesis is a thieves spell to grab something from a long distance. Then there's the conjuring spells. I was downright disappointed over how little summons there were. The only things I could summon was three types of atronachs, one or two different types of dremora, a wolf ghost, a flaming wolf ghost, and permanent atronachs by my side and that's it. Would it be awesome if you could summon a Clannfear or a Daedroth? Hows about a skeleton? Necromancy isnt entirely illegal in Skyrim so you could go all out and be a full Necromancer if you wished? How cool would it be if you could harvest that of your dead enemies, collect bones, organs and skin to create your own undead army from Skeletons, Bonelords, Flesh Atronachs, Liches, or even reanimate the dead of one of Skyrim's fallen heroes? How would you feel if you had not only an army of Draugr behind you but the bodies of Yngol or Olaf One-Eye beside you armed and ready to kill your foes? Hows about an army of reanimated bandits, an army that you can personally customize by giving them weapons and armor fit for your cause? Instead of the common bandit gear like fur armor and steel swords you could make them wear full suits of ebony or dragonplate armor, switch their skills up and have one group fight front and center, one group to keep everyones health and stats up and boosted, and one group in the back for ranged attacks with bows or spells? That would be downright awesome and quite possibly make the whole Civil War of Skyrim much more interesting. Speaking of!

4. The Civil War: So for those who havent played Skyrim and dont know what's in it, in the story of Skyrim the land is in turmoil between two factions; The Imperial Empire who wants to keep things in order all in the share of suppressing a specific religious worship of one of the gods in order to keep peace with a group of High Elves known as the Aldmeri Dominion with their faction called the Thalmor (aka Elf Nazi's), and on the other side there's the Stormcloak Rebellion, a small group of Nordic rebels who seek to push the Imperial Empire out of Skyrim and reestablish the worship of Talos to whom the Imperial Empire illegalized but they also want to make Skyrim a full Nord country so they also wish to drive out everyone out of Skyrim as well from Khajiit, to Argonian, to Dark Elf, to Breton, everyone who isnt a Nord will be not welcome to their land if the Stormcloaks win. Now I have a few problems with this really, and some if not a lot of people will debate me over this but I think that the cause for the Stormcloaks is pretty stupid. I mean I understand where they're going, they wish to freely worship their gods entirely, and they're upset with the empire because of that they cant do so much less they're all angry towards the High Elves. However their campaign is entirely racist and because of that I dont think it'll go good in the long run. I also kind of dont really like the Imperial Empire as much as well, I mean yes their goal is probable but they dont see the traditions or much care for the Nord culture. Take a look at the general leading the Imperial Legion of Skyrim, he has no idea about the culture, yet alone have no care for it at all. Not to mention that they dont give a damn if there's a world eating dragon on the loose that wishes to enslave everyone and what not. So long as the civil war keeps going, then they'll keep going at it. I hate it that I'm even forced to settle the dispute myself whether it's to join the Imperial Legion, the Stormcloaks, or make a temporary peace treaty all of which is fucking bollocks. There's no real threat in loosing the Civil War, there's no constant attacks on the nine holds of Skyrim on the Imperial or Stormcloak side. You can find a few Stormcloaks fighting Imperial Soldiers but that's all just a skirmish much less a battle. The Fort Takeovers are all the same and not entirely epic just kill a bunch of enemies until the percentage reaches 0%. Where's the trebuchets, where's the battering rams? This is a war, the only times I actually seen a trebuchet or should I say see a trebuchet being used was when Whiterun was being attacked and I didnt even see the trebuchet that fired at the damned city! It's fucking bullshit and everyone knows it.

5. The Skills: Now the skills are rather fine, I like how they went out their way and make that of perk trees for each skill, the more you go with that specific skill once you level up and spend your perk points at that specific tree, the more stronger if not powerful that skill will be. There are some skills I like, but some skills I believe needs improvement one of which is the Smithing skill. For some reason Bethesda removed that of the armorer mechanics, the mechanic was that if you had a weapon with 100% durability and you use that to kill several monsters, that weapon is going to loose durability and become less effective. This could've been a thing, where either you could use a forge and with the purchase of some tools like repair hammers, tongs and what not you could repair your weapons and armor or pay a blacksmith to repair your items for you. Same goes with Enchanting and Alchemy where you can give the supplies to someone of a higher skill so they can make you whatever you need all with a price. I also suggest that there should've been more on Staves and Staff making. If you have the Dragonborn DLC you would get access to a Staff Crafting station, only for the staves to generally suck. This would've been a great chance to bring back Morrowind staves in Skyrim style, from Ebony, Wooden, Daedric, Steel, and Silver, to new staves like Imperial, Necromantic, and Dragonbone. However, even with that unless you were able to keep the unique Dragon Priest staff or have the Staff of Magnus, pretty much every staff suck because of their rather worthless enchantments. Atleast in ESO they got it right making the Staff a combat skill, just instead add the Staff combat skills into the Enchanting skill tree having the more powerful your enchanting the more better your staff will be such as regenerating power, more stronger abilities, spell boosting by what type of staff it is, having the material it's made out of base on how powerful the staff is and so on. That would make staves much more useful instead of something you would sell or store away in your collection never being touched again.

6. The End Reward of Skyrim: I mean the normal, no DLC ending of Skyrim, the events after the slaying of Alduin. And I'm gonna reference Oblivion here because from what I can understand that's the best way to reward someone who just saved not only an entire country but the world itself. In Oblivion after helping Martin Septim to defeat Mehrunes Dagon and forever closing the Oblivion Gates, you were rewarded with a unique set of Imperial Dragon Armor and gained the title as the Champion of Cyrodiil to which to the far corners of Cyrodiil you were respected all around, to even getting a statue for your bravery in the Battle of Bruma. Yet here in Skyrim, the only thing you get is just a shout to call one or three ghosts and be chanted by that of your dinner. I just killed Alduin, the very dragon that was fabled to end the world itself? Is that it? Hell, if I was a developer of this game I would at least have the player receive one or a few scales or bones off of Alduin so that they can make their own set of armor whether it be Alduin Hide Robes, Alduin Scaled Light Armor, or Alduin Bone Heavy Armor and I'm not talking about the Aduin Scale armor on the Nexus to be honest that armor is ugly and just look ridiculous, you're like a black spiky fat man with horns and hooves for feet. And the shout, I hardly even use the damned thing and I dont think a lot of people use it either especially when they have other more stronger shouts in the vanilla game and even more stronger shouts in the DLC's. Hell, a sword, a weapon from the realms of Sovngarde would be nice, a unique set of Sovngarde armor would be great even. Dont just give me one shout and a talk down by a bunch of fucking dragons. As a matter of fact if you've already unlocked all the Dragon Shouts...what are you gonna do with the remaining Dragon Souls? There's no more shouts to unlock, you cant sacrifice them, and I dont think there's anything that requires one Dragon Soul to make the thing work so what? What I suggest is that there should be a mechanic where if you have too much dragon souls or just need a personal upgrade you can go to a specific place and either sacrifice your dragon souls for a perk point or a boost in Magic/Health/or Stamina. But some of you are probably saying "Oh but that'll make our characters over powered!" You do realize that you're playing a game where you can launch people off a mountain with that of a shout, ride and kill dragons to gain their powers, and have a list of abilities that does god knows what from disarming your enemies and making them flee in terror, to making you swing your weapons more faster, call in storms, breath fire and ice, make enemy's armor completely useless, and bend the will of man, mer, and beast alike? That's why there are some people out there who doesnt really consider this game a "true RPG" because this game pretty much lowers the bar for you and fills you up with steroids so you can plow through that shit. I'm not saying that PowerPlay Games are bad, but there should be that of some difficulty to it. SPEAKING OF!

7. Leveled Weapons and "Unique" Weapon Skins: Fuck whoever thought that leveled weapons was a good idea? That person needs to be fired because this was a fucking terrible idea. Lets just say that at level say twenty five you find this really cool looking sword, it has a pretty powerful enchantment but since it's leveled there's a problem. The only way to get its maximum power and abilities you need to be at a certain level equal or higher to its requirements. So in order for that sword to be its 100% power, you had to be about level sixty or something, turning that once legendary one of a kind weapon into a piece of shit. But again, you idiots are probably saying that if a low level person were to have gotten a level 60 legendary weapon he would be overpowered. Well here's the thing, he wouldn't really be overpowered and gain a god complex if the game was actually difficult. Go Witcher or Dark Souls on our asses Bethesda, we're fighting against immortal death bringing dragons I think we deserve some extra difficulty. And no, turning the difficulty of the game up to Legendary doesnt count because even if you find that legendary sword you need to survive and level up that weapon is still going to be a piece of shit. There has to be a reason to find these powerful weapons and be rewarded for doing so, and having that legendary weapon will help him survive in the long run but once he get to much higher levels he needs to find either a new strategy instead of his running up and slashing at them while taking fire breaths head on or find another item that will help you, this goes with spells to. Have the spells level up with you the more you master them and their skills, you have an arsenal of things to kill your enemies and protect you, use them. It's like that exploit with Smithing, the more higher up your smithing skill is, the more powerful you can enhance your weapons and armor which is what the ability to turn your skills into Legendary. Yes your skill level will go back to fifteen and your perks will be removed but you still have the abilities of enhancing your weapons and armor into legendary status and when you reach back to one hundred again your legendary weapons can be twice as powerful. Do you see where I'm going with this. There has to be a need to survive to need to get these one of a kind weapons. If they're leveled then it's useless and it's going to be a lot more difficult to survive and play the game. And I'm not done yet here folks, there's still the so called "Unique Weapon Skins". Now when you hear a weapon called the Pale Blade, that was guarded by wispmother, a pale ghostly woman that kills and drives people insane to whomever goes near the sword? Do you think of an Ancient Nord Sword? No? Well too bad because that's what it looks like. Hows about Red Eagle Bane, a sword that once belongs to a Forsworn King who led his people to kill Nords what do you think his sword looks like, because it's an Ancient Nord Sword. Do you see the picture here? The only weapon that is remotely unique is that of Chilrend, a glass sword that is blue because its enchantment is that of frost. How hard was that for them, from what I hear changing the color of a weapon is easy as hell. If I were to take every other unique weapon that looks exactly like an Ancient Nord Sword and ask you to find the Pale Blade, or the Red Eagle Bane, or Edju, you wouldnt know which one is which because they all look exactly the same. A simple touch is all these unique weapons need. Remove the guard, change the color, add something to it, and dont say that the glow effects of those swords make them unique. Trust me, the only other weapon that has an unique enchantment effect is Dragonbane, a katana that is surrounded by lightning sparks. If you had a normal lightning sword it would just glow with patterns, with Dragonbane where you swing back and forth with it, it leaves a small trail of sparks and everything. That what unique is. It is to define something that is one of a kind from the rest and there are plenty of PC mods that does this with perfection. I'm not asking to change the entirety of the weapon, just give it a detail that whenever I look through a weapon I can say "Hey I know that warhammer, that's Trollbane. I didnt have to look at the name of the damned thing because of how unique it looked."

8. Shouts: Am I the only one who thinks that Unrelenting Force is pretty stupid? If you have the Dragonborn DLC and meditated on Unrelenting Force then that shout would be pretty much of a powerhouse but there are shouts that I find have little to no use. One being the Dismay shout, basically it's just a Fear Spell you can cast only instead of magic you instead spend your shout and have to wait for a while for your shout to recharge. There's also the Detect Life shout which again you can just use spells and magic instead of wasting a shout. Whirlwind Sprint I dont really find much of a use for it unless I'm trying to get to a shop when I'm overencumbered or trying to solve a platform or quick time puzzle. Other than that I hardly see much of a use for that one shout. There was another shout I cant really recall? Battle Fury I think it was, it was basically like your Elemental Fury shout but instead it only works for your companions. Okay that's kind of stupid unless you rely alot on companions but for those who like being alone and dont have to worry with mindless NCP's then this shout is a pretty big waste. Become Etheral, I'm sort of half on half on this seeing on the plus side it helps you when going through high and dangerous terrain that is the mountains of Skyrim and can possibly save you when you're on that last bit of health and need a quick escape, but on the other hand it's a bit of a risky move and if you dont loose your enemies in less than eighteen seconds or if you're still falling and your shout disappears then you're screwed. Animal Alliance and Kyne's Peace, is it odd that I think these two shouts should've been one shout? Storm Call, again this shout has its good and bad side. It's good because it can cause quite some damage on flying dragons as well as enemies, but sadly it can also kill your friends and allies meaning you should probably use this shout only outside far away from anyone that is your friend and is important to you. With that cleared out I think there should've been more better shouts, like the ones on the Thunderchild mod, okay not all of them because some are either overpowered to all hell or just downright ridiculous. Hows about a shout that actually requires you to have a dragon soul to use it? Whenever you see the bones of a dragon, just use that shout and spend that one dragon soul to revive that dragon only instead it is your temporary ally and will kill all of your enemies around you. Or hows about Alduin's Meteor Shower or something better like in the Thunderchild mod you can combine certain phrases of the Dragon Shouts you learned and make entirely new ones. Like Cyclone and Elemental Fury where together it can make a tornado of mystical blades that slices up anyone that gets sucked in? Hows that for fun?

9. Daedric Items: Now when you think of Daedric items, like not Daedric Armor you can craft at the forge I'm talking about the one of a kind Daedric Prince Artifacts that you need to do a certain quest in order to get them. They're all not leveled, they all have their own enchantments, getting a Daedric Artifact is practically a godsend...until you get an item that is ten times more better or that the enchantment is absolutely worthless. There should never be a time where fucking enhanced Dwemer armor is way more better than the Daedric Artifact the Savior's Hide to which it is made out of the hide of a powerful werewolf! I dont care how unique that Dwemer armor is, it should not be better than that what was made by a freaking god! Hows about Dawnbreaker, a Paladin/Vampire Slayers best sword to have? It can cause major damage to those who are of the undead, only problem is that when facing anyone else it's like having just a basic fire sword. Artifacts like these should be powerful, they're items you should be seeking out and want but they can also come with a price. Like again with Dawnbreaker it causes major damage to those of the undead, so if you are a vampire and you use this sword that sword become a double edged sword for you. If you kill an undead as you're an undead you're gonna experience some problems. They're Daedric artifacts, items created by dark beings. Another good example would be you guess it the Wabbajack. Now by luck this staff can be pretty good to use but it can also bring in a few major issues. Either it fires elemental damage to your enemies, turn your enemies into a pile of gold coins or a mudcrab, or turn them into a powerful Dremora Lord. This is good, this what describes that of an artifact from Daedric Princes. It's good for you, but know that you're gonna pay the price in having that. I mean if you think about it do you really think that Molag Bal, the Prince of Domination, Enslavement, and Rape would give you his iconic mace just for killing a guy? Fuck no, he probably got something schemed for you when you use that damned thing. Probably cuts your health meater by a quarter or a whole half but you absorb alot of health and stamina when you hit someone with it. That is what I would call a Daedric Artifact.

10. The Guilds: Okay is anyone disappointed about the guilds in the game? You know, the Companions or the Fighters Guild to be specific, the College of Winterhold or the Mages Guild, The Thieves Guild, the Dark Brotherhood, the Blades, all that noise? Granted you do get legendary artifacts of the guild when you beat them like Wuuthrad the elf slaying battleaxe or the Staff of Magnus the ultimate staff in the game or the iconic Blade of Woe or the new Nightingale set but in progression and story wise, the guilds can sometimes suck. I feel like as if as soon as I enter the guild's door I'm already presented the title of guild leader. And I'm not saying that the guilds in Oblivion or Morrowind was all grand but at least they did it more better. With Morrowind, you have to be decisive on which guild you want to join. I mean you cant expect to join the Imperial Legion army while as a member of the Dark Brotherhood assassins? No, the disposition of others will change depending on what guild you're in so if you wanted to complete all the guilds you had to make several builds and characters for those guilds and there was a ton of them to join. In Oblivion they removed the disposition of guilds where you can join every guild in one playthrough but in story wise they were all mostly grand. In the Mages Guild you had to fight off against Mannimarco the Necromancer King of Worms, in the Fighters Guild you had to settle a crazed dispute with your rival guild the Blackwood Company, in the Thieves Guild you had to plan a heist with the legendary Gray Fox in order to steal an Elder Scroll from the Imperial Palace, in the Dark Brotherhood you had to find a murderer in the guild of assassins and so on. There were even smaller guilds to join like the Order of the White Stallion, the Order of Virtuous Blood, The Knights of Thorn, and others. In Skyrim however it seems a bit lackluster and small with little to no interesting characters. Dont get me wrong, I love Cicero in the Dark Brotherhood, I like Vilkas, his brother and Aria in the Companions, but as for the others I find no care for them and I dont have time to develop a relationship with these characters over how little they influence the plot of the guild story and how short the entire questline is. And sometimes in those guilds there are quests that are just downright annoying like the College's quest where I had to go to Labyrinthian. Let me explain what is Labyrinthian; there is dungeons, there is large dungeons, there is LARGE dungeons, then there is Labyrinthian. I swear to got I was so fucking annoyed over how big that damned place is, I just wanted to get it over with and just darted though it all as fast as I can and here's the fucked up thing I once scoured every corner of that dungeon killing everything in it to 100% complete that dungon and when I got all the way to the end I didnt get 100% on it. I killed everything in it, I went and looked at every corner, still not completed. That is how large and how ridiculous that dungeon is. Oh you're not going anywhere Dark Brotherhood, I got problems with you to. I am glad that you receive certain contracts to kill a target here and there and hoped that I could do more of that with a random NCP and yes though at the end I did got it but the more I went with it the more annoying and boring it gotten. I have to go to the Night Mother, listen to her, go to the target, accept the targets contract, find the main target, kill the target, get paid, rinse and repeat. At least with the other contracts there was something special with them, sometimes you had to stealthily kill them with no one around, sometimes you had to kill them at a certain area, sometimes they're not just normal people but bandit chiefs or vampires, you have to poison the target like this or that, and so on and so forth. It can get pretty damned dull if you're just killing the same basic targets with no sign of tactic on how to kill them and what not. The Thieves Guild is next on my list, where unlike in Oblivion all of the jobs are trusted in the hands of a simple pickpocketer. In Oblivion you had to go and steal things of value and sell them to fences in order to get the next job. The more stolen goods you sell, the more better the jobs. Would you really trust that of a common mugger with that of a job to steal I dont know the royal crown of Solitude from the Blue Palace without getting caught? No, I would instead use that mugger to either get people to pay their fines, scam people of their money, or a simple pickpocket job even. I dont care if he is wearing the Nightingale set, you start at the bottom and work your way up there boy. Then there's the Blades, oh boy where do I start with them. Back in Oblivion once again the Blades were that of the Emperor's elite bodyguards, they were sworn to protect the Emperor at all costs. However several years later they turned into a guild of assholes who are so blind toward their goal that they dont see the problems in front of them if you know what I'm trying to say. Like get this, you gotten loads of help from that of a dragon, he helped you gain more power with your Shouts, he defied and fought with you against Alduin, he guided you on how to receive the shout needed to defeat Alduin, and he wishes to repent by teaching other dragons the Way of the Voice which from what I can understand is a dedication of peace and understanding. However, the Blades want you to kill him just because he was Alduin's right hand guy and doesnt care about all the good things he had done for you and everything and will refuse to continue helping you if I dont slay that dragon. What a bunch of fucking assholes! I wouldnt have defeated Alduin the World Eating Dragon if it werent for that one dragon, and you're saying you want me to kill him? No, fuck you and your order. I actually hope the Thalmor Reich actually does find you and kill the both of you because if this is what the Blades have become then I dont want any part of it. Besides, I'm the one doing all the damned work. You two are just sign posts pointing me to the right direction, why the fuck do I need you guys for anything? Oh you can give me a potion or a blessing that helps me kill dragons, like I cant do that in the simplest of ways. Oh you can point me to a Dragon's Lair, you mean the only eight or so in this land that I can easily find on my own? God I fucking hate the Blades. Bunch of fucking assholes they are.
Shadow Thorn by NeonBlacklightTH
Shadow Thorn
Neon Blacklight's scythe is a weapon that both exists and does not. Crafted to be both a physical and spiritual weapon, this blade can cut just about anything. Though its cuts are not as deep and doesnt have much of an enchantment on it, it's fast swings and light materials makes it up for it. With its mechanical parts the scythe can extend itself for a longer reach using strong barbed wires connected to the hilt and the blade. The scythe can also switch from its original scythe form or into a spear/ battle scythe form and with both long reach secondary form combined, nothing is unreachable.

A scythe is not just used as a farmers tool, but can also be used by a means of a staff, and this one is of no exception. Conjured by the will of Neon Blacklight, Shadow Thorn is a weapon is a fast, light, and deadly weapon that can cut through the physical and the spiritual. It does not even require its master to wield it to be deadly, with a strong flow of magical energy, this weapon floats and can rapidly spin at its foes doing major damage to those it strikes.

Base Damage: 28
-Spirit Cut: Damages Magic and Stamina by 25 points each strike, ignores 50% of armor rating
-Ethereal Weapon: Costs 120 points of Magic to summon
-Staff Focus(Dark): Enhances Dark spells by 25%
-Staff Duel Wield: With the Battlemage perk, you can wield this weapon with a one handed weapon as well
Shadowbane by NeonBlacklightTH
Neon Blacklight's Longsword "Shadowbane" usually seen strapped onto his back is a sword like no other, forged under the cold burning black fires and intense negative energies and dark magic, this sword grants its master the ability to convert any form of positive and light energy into a more dark, negative, and destructive form and store its converted energies into its four black gems. Its master can do whatever he desires with its stored energy whether to replenish his own dark energy, boost his abilities, or save it all to unleash a devastating attack that can clear legions in just one swing. Only that of very powerful defensive magics can withstand such a powerful yet simple blow of its destructive force.

Base Damage: 30
-Dark Leech: Absorbs 20 points of Magic each strike
-Dark Converter: Can store 800 points of Magic, user can convert energy into their own to restore lost magic or boost Magic/Health/or Stamina by 50 points for 100 points of stored Magic
-Dark Wave: Spend 800 points of Magic to release a destructive wave of dark energy that inflicts 500 points of damage on strike from 100 feet, may recoil and inflict 50 points of damage to its user
Making Chapter 5 of Sonic The Hedgehog: Rise of the Neonian Empire after a WHOLE FUCKING YEAR!



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