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Berserker: Think of a bear, double its size, cover it in blood with an frenzied attitude that would still keep fighting even if it was stabbed in the chest thirty seven times in a row. Berserkers are that of old bears who have gone feral over disease and large consumption of eating humans and Mobians alike. Their hunger knows no bounds, and they will kill just about anything bigger than itself including Chimeras, Fiends, and even Werewolves. They never back down a fight and their bites are cluttered with various diseases in most cases is rabies. The best way to handle the beast is to aim for its head, remove the head from the body, sever the brain, or cause enough damage to the head to cause brain death.

Fiend: Unnatural creatures they are. Fiends are large horned creatures that roams in swamps and dwell in dark caves that'll attack anyone and anything that gets near it, including their own kind. They are brutish, having thick skulls, large curled horns like a goat or a ram, with three green eyes and hooves for feet while it roams in its gorilla like body and their deer like skulls for heads. In some belief, Fiends are creatures that have been created by witches using certain body parts; The head of a dead deer, the horns of a mountain goat, the chest of a bear, the mane of a lion, the arms of a gorilla, and the legs of a zebra. It is believed that Fiends are also guardians of witches to whom created them, and will not stop till they are killed in battle. Although large in size, they do have a weakness and a common enemy. Fiends cannot stand the smell of lilac and causes it to snort constantly and have their noses burn like crazy causing them to retreat. Their enemy who is higher above it in the food chain is the Chimera who when a Fiend finds itself in the mountains or vise versa, the Chimera can easily knock it down and kill it as prey.

Lurker: Avoid swimming around deep water, for a Lurker are always near by where there is splashing and lots of game to be caught. Lurkers are large underwater beings that eats whatever it catches with its webbed claws whether it be a school of fish, a shark, or an unknowing victim swimming in the ocean's surface. Though their bodies seem humanoid covered in patches of moss and large clumps of seaweed on their forearms and forelegs, their head attached with a large webbed fin, depicts them as more piranha like especially with their pale blank eyes and a row of needle like teeth in their mouths that can stretch open wide to take out large chunks of flesh or swallow a whole school of fish alive. They usually stay underwater at the bottom, usually burying itself in the sand or hiding in seaweed forestation's but it's not afraid to head to shore to find more easy meals like crab, washed up sea animals like jellyfish and the like, anything it can grab before returning back to the sea to breathe. The longest record for a Lurker to stay on land is a grand total of seven minutes before suffocating and retreating to the ocean before it dies from suffocation.

Phoenix: Exotic birds once found all over in areas such as Babylon and the Mystic Desert, Phoenixes are large birds entirely made of pure fire that dies every one thousand and four hundred years by bursting into a smouldering heap of ash only to be reborn as an infant from those very ashes. These birds cannot be killed by any means for like said they will be reborn. For some Neonians, Phoenixes are treated like family pets but for those of tremendous size are considered territorial and will defend their nests and hunting grounds if one gets too close. Seeing how it is a bird of fire, the best way to handle it is with water. But be careful, some Phoenixes have learned to increase their own temperature by using the desert heat and the rays of the sun causing water to simply evaporate when close to it.

Scalon: Like the Lurker, Scalons are tall fish like creatures that lives underwater but unlike the Lurker the Scalon are more frog like, with yellow or blue scales all over its body and having longer arms, fingers, broader shoulders but shorter legs. They mostly reside in more fresh water locations such as lakes and hunt for any creature they find near their homes from fish, turtles, insects, birds, frogs and lizards as well as including any victim swimming in their lakes. To know if a Scalon is living in a lake, one must look out for the signs. If there's a large mass of mud nearby, that's where the Scalon store all of its catches and bones, if you see something large and yellow swimming by, that's the Scalon. If you see tracks or something that looked like someone was rolling around in the mud, then a Scalon is close by. If you smell rotting meat and old fish, then the Scalon is not that far behind.

Unicorn: These equine creatures are a rare sight to see and can only be found in the untouched outskirts of ancient forests. They are depicted as pure white horses with a white to blonde mane, blue eyes and a majestic horn like as if it was a crown. They are passive creatures and skittish when one gets too close to them. However getting close to them is considered a challenge, seeing as how they are usually protected by a Gnarl or a Spriggan. Deal with them and you'll get your chance at the Unicorn. Taming them is more of a challenge, instead of breaking them you must gain their permission. Sort of a made bond between horse and rider. For those who wish to kill the creature, the most prized possession a Neonian can obtain from such a creature is not only its horn but all of its bones. Neonian smiths pays handsomely for those who brings in Unicorn bones to make special ivory for staves, jewelry, and the like. When in times of war and violence however, the events will effect the nature of said Unicorn causing it to grow violent, carnivorous even. It's best to keep clear when it charges, for it spends its time sharpening it on stone and tree trunks to pierce through its enemies like cavalry.

Werewolf: Werewolves are of two subjects, one Werewolf are those who are cursed through magical means such as a certain condition and reaction towards negative charges of the Chaos Emeralds. This can effect humans and Mobians alike, though Mobians receive a more unique trait towards these curses. Where human Werewolves gain immense strength and speed the Mobian Werewolf gains not only strength and speed but a more stretchable body structure from flesh, bone and all allowing them to stretch their large gorilla like arms to incredible distances. The other variation of a Werewolf are those of Mobian Wolves of Lycans tapping into their more primal nature. These Werewolves are incredibly dangerous than their cursed counterparts and are one of many reasons how one person can become a cursed Werewolf from that of a savage bite from such beasts. The cursed Werewolf can easily be put down by the use of silver but the cursed Werewolf will revert back to normal by sunset. Where as Lycan Werewolves, silver is much more harmful to the point of burning them by sheer contact. This will effect Lycans who have tapped into their primal nature and have not yet transformed so best to kill the Lycan before they turn. Good luck though, for during special events of the night such as a Full Moon, New Moon, or worse of all a Blood Moon they will become more powerful than before.


Arch Titan: They are large colossal beings the size of mountains and consistently roam the empty lands of the Black Abyss. In visual appearance, they resemble that of the Solarian demi-god Iblis but much larger, emitting dark flames over its body as if it was made from molten fire, having pegs for its feet and long sleeve like arms that drifts while it roams. Mysteriously though certain beings like Shadow Beasts and Sins seem to find these creatures as homes or hives, climbing up the creature and live on its triangular shaped back to which the top layer seem to be infested with pale crystallized tree like structures almost like some sort of forest or jungle. No one know what they eat or their reasons for eternally roaming the Black Abyss, but it's best to stay away from such creatures. They'll think nothing more of you than a mere ant and will crush you if you stand in their way. Not to mention their extremely loud roars that can be heard echoing all across the realm can give you some chills.

Dehganyol (Sin): Of all the Sins within the Black Abyss, the demon Dehganyol is most considered to be the most infamous of the Seven Sins. He is the Sin of Greed, and the brother of Wrath and he is a being one must never meet in person. Being the Sin of Greed, he has many desires to take upon himself; wealth, women, land, but most importantly power. He will do anything to reach what he wants, even killing those who stands in his way. In tales, Dehganyol is a trickster, a liar, and knows his way around a deal when given one. He would usually appear in times of great need or to those who has summoned him. When called upon for a deal, he would only ask for one thing; a soul. This can be of many things, and usually end in disaster. Whether it be your friends soul, your neighbor, you loved ones, or even your own soul, Dehganyol wants it. What he does with these souls is a mystery, some say he eats them as some form of nourishment, some say that he absorbs them to gain a fraction of power, and some believe that it's just one of his twisted pleasures to take upon. But much like every Sin, he has his weaknesses from silver weaponry, to scattered sands from the Mobian Desert, and light and day itself.

Dregoth: What's worse than a Dragon? Try a Dragon from the Black Abyss. A Dregoth is a beast of pure darkness and corruption and much like Dragons they are something to be feared. They are blackened scaled beasts with large horns and sharp rows of teeth with four glowing red eyes and is capable of breathing the coldest of black fire upon its foes, only for its claws to easily rip through solid metal. This creature is a true horror and is best avoided when somehow traveling the Black Abyss. Though silver weaponry is of best choice against such creature, it wont due much due to its thick scales. It is best however to try and stab at the creature underneath its scales or to try to pry out its scales to expose its raw blackened flesh. The Dregoth is considered a prize to kill for Neonians and can use the body to forge powerful dark weapons, armor, and poisons from the creatures remains.

Imp: To children unfortunate enough to enter the Black Abyss and somehow survive the terrors and torments of the realm, it is said that soon after they are to slowly transform into Imps. Imps are the evils and dark nature of naughty children manifested. Their eyes bloodshot, their skin pitch black with an unhinging jaw, they are devious creatures and enjoys the thrills of tormenting those who walks in their paths. They are not alone for they can be seen with other Imps, Shadow Beasts, or certain Sins alike. Although at most times Imps try to stay away from Sins seeing as how they tend to eat Imps like a wolf in a rabbit hole or a fox in a hen house. There are ways to calm Imps however, seeing as how it is but a child one must try to treat it like it was no other. Lullaby's are the best to soothe these creatures, or better yet get them something to gnaw on as though they are teething. To kill one, it is best to carry a weapon of Silver. Much like Sins, they don't like that.

Mehrozan Dehgal: The Dark Lord of the Black Abyss, the All Seeing Eye of Shadows, and the Voice of Darkness. These are but some of many names people have given this mysterious being, though in the Neonian tongue he is considered nothing more but as "The False God." In Neonian texts, he is that everyone fears; the unknown. Having his only appearance to be that sort of a "fissure" in the fabric of reality, with swarms of blackened tentacles keeping the fissure in place as a large glowing red eye stares dead center within it. It is highly rare to encounter this dark deity, and when he does appear in front of public, that only means that something horrible is about to happen somewhere in the world. Odd enough, he can appear in both night and day and not be effected by forms of light unlike every other being that dwells in the Black Abyss. Theorists and those of the Neonian religion believe that this is because of his massive size being so large as to be able to literally block out the sun all across the world and in doing so would lead to the end of the world.

Shadow Beast(Hound): The most common of species of the Black Abyss that to some leveled mages consider them to be the most easiest of conjured beings of the same plane. Shadow Hounds takes the appearance of a furless black leather skin wolf or dog with burning red eyes and a large under jaw with gaunt necks. They are expert hunters and though they are blind they can sniff smell over miles away and know when someone or something is in front of them due to its high senses for being blind. They can easily adjust their own throats and vocal cords to mimic anything they hear especially other mortal voices from a common man of the streets to someone who some might recognize such as a dead family member. They do this to torment and taunt their victims to the point of crippling insanity through the whispers of their victims dead relatives. They hide in the darkness and do their best to pin and surround their prey before they strike. They travel in packs and seek out to consume the flesh of their prey with their jagged teeth and their sharp claws. Though much like every creature of the Black Abyss they fear the light especially the sun and magics that uses positive energy can seriously harm them.

Shadow Beast(Spider): Much as the Hound version of the Shadow Beast, their appearance takes the form of spiders; large, red eyed, and absolutely horrifying. But to where the Hounds are considered hunters, the Spiders are those who plant certain traps for their victims. Using the complete and utter darkness that is the Black Abyss, they use their sticky webbing to snatch their victims when they run towards them. In some cases the Spiders even use techniques other spiders of the mortal realm uses like the Trap Door Spider or the Net Casting Spider. When they do catch their prey, they hold their victims for days on end, drinking their insides while injecting a venom that keeps their prey alive and conscious as well as to hallucinate and other horrible side effects. They are most highly common in the catacombs of the Arch Titan's back to travel and stay within certain nesting grounds of the Black Abyss. Much like their counterpart, they despise the light and the sun and magics that uses positive energy are deadly to them when cast.

Sin: A dangerous form of creature that lurks in the deepest pits of the Black Abyss. They all serve their eternal master and ruler of the Black Abyss; Mehrozan Dehgal. All Sins reflect that of one of the many religious sins any mortal can commit; Bestiality, Murder, Suicide, the list goes on. The most well known are those of the original Seven Deadly Sins. These creatures feed on what they reflect, they desire nothing but to torment and cause havoc yet alone sheer destruction and it is their job to do such horrific actions to lost souls who finds themselves within the Black Abyss. When however they find a way to slip into the mortal realm they will go out and find a suitable host to possess and reek havoc across the land, only to be banished back by special rituals. Sins cannot die however, but when stricken down they can be sent back to whence they came, but they will not return without a fight. They will lie, manipulate, deceive, twist the mind of their foes to gain what they desire and they will kill whomever stands in their way. The best way to rid yourself of a Sin is to aid its host to confront and defeat it not physically but mentally. Sins need their hosts to survive within the mortal realm and when they are removed the Sin will simply evaporate back to the Black Abyss from whence it came. Silver is the best choice to harm them for they cannot touch or pass through anything that is Silver. To try and trap it, use sand from the Mobian Desert, for it cannot pass through it nor get away from it.

Watcher: Nicknamed "The Eyes of Mehrozan", the Watchers are large single eyed creatures with numerous tentacle limbs and pincer claws that roams around certain ruins of the Black Abyss as well as other scattered places in the dark realm. They are considered harmless to most but that does not mean they are no threat. They are curious creatures that likes to look around and take things, as well as to watch anyone they see. And what they see, Mehrozan Dehgal also sees, meaning everything else that is considered deadly also sees. They can hide around corners or behind objects, always following you wherever you go with its endless stare. Don't get too close though if it seems curious. Those pincers aren't meant for show, for it can easily grab you and rip you piece by piece to either see how you react or how one limb or organ work without the other. Its pincers are precise and can easily make clean cuts as it dissect you while you're standing or the very least tied by its numerous tentacles. To escape the creature, use silver powder into its eye. It'll release you if you are caught and will freak out, screaming in pain while its claws snips and cuts anything in its path only for it to die soon after.


Basilisk: As wingless dragons, Basilisks dwell in deep dark caves and usually sleep for a time from a few days to literally months. Once awake, the Basilisk will crawl out of its cave and gather large bounties of animals to store in its cave for later consumption. Basilisks are like dragons without wings with longer necks and a bloated body and commonly come in shades of brown and green. Though they are without wings, it does not mean they are not as ferocious as their other relatives. A Basilisk's fire breath can literally melt through metal and they have a half resistance towards magic. The best spot to kill a Basilisk is to aim for its soft underbelly. But be careful when under it, it's not afraid to use its own immense weight to crush you where you stand.

Cockatrice: For those who believe that the sight of a Cockatrice will turn you into stone, not to worry. The worse thing is that of its poisonous venom that excretes from its claws and talons and not to mention that they can spit that venom at whomever they can see which can cause severe blindness when in eye contact. Cockatrices are large rooster headed reptiles with feathered wings and a body of scales consisting of patterns like various other roosters such as the Barred Rock variant. Thankfully they habit mountain environments and only come down if food is scarce within those mountains or population near those mountains are much higher than the Cockatrice's food source. They will attack and eat civilians but most commonly they will attack large farm animals such as cows, pigs, sheep, and horses and mostly they'll grab them and take their caught prize back to their nest up in the mountains. When flying, it is best to quickly pin them to the ground using ranged attacks like an arrow and strike the shoulder joint of the wings. Inflict enough damage and the Cockatrice will be unable to fly for the moment. Once pinned to the ground, have a sharp blade prepared and go at its soft vulnerable neck.

Dragon: Hailing from the Dragon Isles, Dragons come in various shapes and sizes but they all have several things in common. According to history, Dragons were one of the very few creatures that lived throughout the events during the creation of Mobius, and thus so made them incredibly strong and a powerful force to be reckoned with. To some, they are seen as divine beings, beings of raw power, strength, and knowledge over the world. To others they are destructive beasts that hoards vast treasures and is considered an honor to slay such mighty foe. To the Neonians, they are both. Most commonly, dragons can breathe burning fire at their enemies while having claws sharp to cut through steel and teeth and jaws great enough to snap a tree in two. Depending on the dragon like say the Frost Dragon, they would live in cold climates most likely high up in the snowy mountains while others like the Molten Dragon would settle near or in active volcanoes. To Neonians, dragons are used for many things; breeding, harvesting materials such as blood, scales, webbing, bones and the works, to even for food.

Forktail: Much like the Wyvern, Forktails lack any arms but unlike so they don't use their wings for anything other than flying. Forktails are small wyvern sized dragons that usually roam with their strong hind legs and lined with large sharp blade like spikes from head to tail. These spikes can easily cut through flesh like a hot knife through butter and they are not afraid to demonstrate to any foe they encounter. Watch out for its tail, for that is their main weapon of choice as they swing it around like a sharp axe while using their powerful legs to knock their foes back, claw at them, or rush at them and stab them through with its large blade like tri-horns. In honesty, though they look deadly they are not all that hostile. The reasons for their attacks is to defend itself from those who consider it as prey. It'll first roar and flap its wings indicating to stay away from it, only to dig at the ground with its claws indicating that it will attack if you get too close only for it to charge or jump at you and kill you as a result. If you find yourself in a Forktails path and need to get across, keep your hands behind your back and don't look directly at it and keep your distance. The Forktail will do the same in doing so by keeping its distance from you.

Jill: A rare species of Dragons, Jills are more bird like than their Dragonesque relatives but they do share a lot in common. Jills are white blue trimmed feathered dragons with black tipped beaks while having an underbelly with glistening scales much like dragons. They breathe that of blue fire and nest in the most coldest of climates and surprisingly all of them are of one gender; female. There has been no recording of ever being a male Jill in existence and through research the Jills when they reach a certain age migrate to other parts of Mobius only to return with eggs that either hatch into a baby Jill or a baby Dragon. It is possible that Jills mate with male Dragons to populate its species and take their eggs back to their own nests. As for what happens to the baby dragons, some believe they turn into Frost Dragons hence the environment Jills live in and all.

Neonian Empire Dragon (NED.)(Dragon): The Neonian Royal Family pet and one of the many ultimate weapons the Neonian Empire has in store, NED. is a black dragon that hailed from the Dragon Isles and was tamed by none other than Emperor Fallex Blacklight after defeating it in battle. However since Emperor Neon Blacklight has taken the throne, the NED. has became more ferocious than usual. To the point of devouring its own tamers and burning dozens of Neonian soldiers that tries to calm it down. Mysteriously though, the NED. seems to calm itself to a degree and listen only to the Emperor's commands. Upon further study and beliefs, the NED. might have been infused with the blood and essence of a Dregoth which are powerful forms of dragons that dwells within the Black Abyss. It is equipped with a specially crafted collar that is enhanced with special crystal gemstones that emits pure negative energy that fuels the beast's attacks. So far throughout Neonian history, the NED. has only been released under Emperor Neon Blacklight's care three times; the Destruction of the Court of Empires, the Assassination of Chief Isak of the Echidna Tribe, and the Final Encounter of the Forgotten War.

Serpent: Land, Air, and now Sea, there's no place for you to hide when against a Dragon. Serpents are aquatic dragons where though they do not have wings they have fins and through the sea they are considered the fastest of their kind. One Serpent can easily coil themselves around any sort of vessel and crush it, consuming any unlucky victims who splash around to try and stay alive. They can grow up over miles long and lurks in the deepest oceans only to come up to hunt for its next meal. Unlike other dragons, the Serpent instead spits out water that has destructive force behind it to easily knock its foes back and destroy objects with ease. If that ain't the case, then its ferocious bite can surely cause worry to any sailor who comes across it having jaws that can shatter hulls at an instant. They are mostly encountered during a storm, where they stay in waiting for ships to sink due to extreme weather and eat up those who swept up into the sea.

Wyrm: Recorded for being the most smallest of dragons, it doesn't mean they aren't deadly. Wyrms are snake like dragons with horns, scales and other dragonesque appearances but no wings or limbs what so ever and like dragons they come in a great variety. However don't judge it by its looks and its size, a Wyrm can be just as dangerous thanks to its toxic bite that can easily paralyze its victims only to strangle them and devour them. They can also spit poison and even acid when they're threatened and some can grow to immense sizes. They like to hang on trees or in small holes in the ground so they can leap at their prey and surprise them with a quick poisonous bite only to wait for their prey to stop moving and finish them off for good. Other than that, if tamed and well trained they can be considered as good pets.

Wyvern: Unlike Dragons, Wyverns are more smaller to the size of ten year old Dragons and lack any arms and instead use their large bat like wings as a replacement. Wyverns however are more faster due to their size and are great aerial mounts after thorough training though. Without that, Wyverns can be deadly and can easily sneak up to someone unaware of their quick silent swoop. They can also spit out fireballs or worse corrosive acid at their enemies and can easily snap their jaws in a split second to devour their prey. Their hunting techniques are somewhat familiar to that of an eagle or buzzard where they dive down from extreme heights and grab their prey with their talons. And depending on their prey they will either take them to their nest or drop them from extreme heights to kill them.


Atronach: Much like the Golem, Atronach's are mage crafted beings however they are made out of elemental essences instead of carved and smoothed stone. There are a large variety of Atronachs, one or so for each element. For example, the Fire element can produce that of a Fire Atronach that professionals over long range fireball attacks and the same element can also produce a Magma Atronach when mixed in with the Earth element. Magma Atronachs are more up close combat and can solidify and liquefy itself willingly having attacks that can stretch its limbs, fire a stream of molten metal at its foes, and other attacks. However the Atronach is only controlled by whomever crafted and/or conjured it but even then the crafter/summoner must have great control and willpower over the Atronach or will result in the Atronach to go into a rampage, harming both friend and foe alike. When this happens, one must use certain enchantments or spells that reflects equal to the element of the Atronach so Water against Fire, Darkness against Light, defeat the Atronach with an element that is the polar opposite of what the Atronach is.

Gargoyle: These crafted beings are usually seen guarding and aiding those of Vampires or undead crypts. Gargoyles are powerful crafts of stone with sharpened stone claws, powerful jaws, and a fearsome presence to boot. They usually stay immobile until they sense any danger that comes near them, layering itself in smoothed stone and mimicking any other Gargoyle statue as if it was originally there to begin with. Once someone gets close enough, it shatters the stone layer it covered with like a grenade with shrapnel and comes charging at their foe. Unless highly heated and tempered, blades wont do much against these beasts. It's best to carry about a blunt instrument that can smash raw stone and shatter it to pieces, but be careful of its claws. Some Gargoyles have claws that is coated with poison and disease that can cause severe side effects and even death if not treated quickly.

Gnarl: Knights of the Forest, Gnarls are tree like beings that are more spider like than anything else with a humanoid upper body all of which is covered in a layer of bark. They seem to take after more of the Birch or the Oak tree with mostly autumn leaves and dwell within the branches of those trees until they spot any prey they may find lurking underneath their trees. Gnarls will only hunt very populated animals such as deer and elk and even go as far as eating insects but ignore most animals of the forest like wolves, foxes, and other forest animals. However it will not ignore any citizen that comes near its tree. At night, it comes out of its tree usually for more hunting or to find a new tree to call home or to find another Gnarl to mate with. They are not territorial and as long as no one goes near the tree they call home they are considered harmless. If they live with a Lurchin however, they are highly dangerous and can come in hives all of which dwell around the oldest of trees within the forest. If a Lurchin is living within the same forest as the Gnarl, every Gnarl within that forest will react like a hive mind of sort and will protect the forest with their lives by the commands of the Lurchin. There's no point of running from these creatures, for they can sprint with incredible speed with their eight spider legs and can jump from incredible distances with that same speed.

Golem: With strings of pure magical energy tied into the smooth boulders of carved stone, Golems are strong and powerful being of both body and soul. There are many ways to make these beings but most commonly in the Neonian Empire, they take the use of one person's soul and insert them into the Golem only to be controlled by whomever owns them to do numerous bidding's. Though the practice of Golem crafting has been lost to the Neonian Empire, there are still numerous Golems lost across the world. Buried beneath or lost in ancient ruins. All of which their magical bindings still strong after hundreds of years, but all of those years left trapped and alone tend to drive Golems with souls to sheer insanity. These Golems are dangerous and almost indestructible depending on the material the Golem is made from. It is best to avoid their attacks however you can. Don't bother to block their attacks, a Golem can easily shatter through shields both physical and magical and can pummel you to the ground into paste if it gets the chance.

Iblis (Arch Titan?): A titanic fire deity that plays the role as the physical raw power of the Solarian sun god Solaris. Iblis is a being that is known only for its sheer force and destructive abilities hence its nickname "The Flames of Disaster". There are not much well known records of this deity other than small snips of historical records, saying that it was once sealed within the Princess of Soleanna and that by its release caused a Time Break, an event that splits the passage of time to two incomes one leading to a short end, having that timeline end with Iblis released upon Mobius in eternal fire and burned ruins. Other records saying that Iblis comes in a total of three forms starting from its weakest form in the shape of a massive worm, to its strong colossal third form that can hurl massive boulders and send waves of fire at its foe. There has been speculations that Iblis maybe a form of Arch Titan, but infused with the element of Fire instead of naturally the element of Darkness. There are however no records of how to defeat this creature, only to stun it however by hurling foreign objects at or striking the third eye placed on its forehead. Hit it enough times and the creature will retreat to regain itself once more.

Ifrit: Mistaken as Fire Atronachs, Ifrits are horned red skinned beast creatures with a lion's head and manes of pure flame and have large claws capable of gouging hopeless victims and crushing bones with its powerful grip. They are usually found in certain areas of Mobius such as desert ruins and the ruins of Babylon. They are powerful creatures, enough so that Water attacks does not even effect them due to their immense heat they can emit. The best thing you can do against Ifrits is to freeze them solid but that can only do so much due to their intense heat. Ifrits according to legend are said to be cursed guardians of powerful Djinns that is held deep within said ruins. Those who are able to get pass the Ifrits are said to be granted great power and treasure, but to get pass an Ifrit is easily said than done, and getting pass more than just one is considered suicide. Ifrits will do whatever it takes to make sure you don't get pass them, and those who try are left as nothing more than cinder and ash after the Ifrit is done with them.

Lurchin: The rarest of the forest guardians, Lurchins nicknamed "King of the Old Woods" are powerful and rule the forests and its inhabitants, but it will kill to whomever dwells within its territory and seek to harm any of its trees and hunt its animal cohorts. Lurchins seem to appear humanoid with skin enveloped in tree bark, long arms and legs with needle like claws that appear to easily can snatch a fly with just two fingers, feet like rooted tree stumps and decorated with the bones of its victims and patches of animal hides to be used as clothing like loincloths and the like, all with the skull of a great deer or elk for its head. When on the hunt, the Lurchin can easily disguise itself as the many trees it is surrounded by and can use the animals of the forest as its eyes and ears. From the smallest of mice, to the swift owl, to the fastest wolves, to the mightiest of bears. Once you're in its forest, it knows where you are. Though since it is a forest guardian, it could easily be taken out by fire based attacks. However, it cannot be killed so easily. If a Lurchin is killed, another is instantly born from the very woods it once controlled and will grow into adulthood in a matter of days. There are two ways to handle a Lurchin though; the first is to offer the Lurchin with a bounty of an honest hunt. A honest hunt is much like a normal hunt but instead of using advanced weaponry and the like. You must use your wit, armed with spears and bows. Remember to take their hearts after killing them and find a stone obelisk in the forest. Light a campfire and pray to the Lurchin to accept your offering as you place the hearts into the fire. If the Lurchin accepts, the Lurchin will leave you be and consider you one of its own. The other way however, you must find the oldest tree within the forest and desecrate it. This will make the Lurchin weak, once you kill it you must mount its skull into the tree and destroy the tree. Cut it down or burn it, as long as the tree is destroyed the Lurchin will not come back.

Spriggan: The Matron of the Forest, Spriggans are forest guardians who protect not only specially untouched parts of mystical forests and the like but protect the animals who inhabit them including other creatures like Unicorns, Dragons, Scalons, and others. They appear to be humanoid with mostly feminine looks all coated with a layer of tree bark and filled with a swarm of nurturing insects that can make flowers bloom, trees breathe, and other plant life to grow and be restored to a healthy state. They are perfectly harmless so long as you do not harm the forest it lives in, and they are nurturing to any injured traveler they encounter. Their sap is considered powerful over the course of medicine, capable of sealing open wounds, cure almost any illness when consumed, and restore broken bones. The seasons even effect them much like the trees, with their leaves molting and change color only to bloom back in the spring. The spring is when their mating season starts as they look for selective Gnarls to mate with, however that is not always the case. If a Lurchin claims a forest, the Spriggans instead mates with the Lurchin and become just as hostile as the Gnarl having the insects inside them turn venomous to whomever they see as a threat.


Djinn: Originating from the old desert sands, Djinns are magical humanoid beings bound to certain objects to contain them such as decorated glass bottles or brass lamps. In possession of a contained Djinn, upon temporary release after rubbing, the holder of the Djinn's container will receive three wishes to which the Djinn will grant. This comes with a backlash though and must be specific when using one of these three wishes. One mistake may cost you your life if not careful and you may not get exactly what you desire. After the three wishes, the Djinn will return to its container until someone else takes it. Djinns can be both good and evil, and have their own intentions and free will. If a Djinn asks of you to free it, do not. Some Djinn maybe harmless by appearance, but they are crafty and mischievous and with all that chaotic magic loose upon the world who knows what sort of deeds the Djinn shall commit when set free.

Drow: Also called "Cave Elves", Drows are white haired dark blue skinned elves that lives deep within caves and only come to the surface in special occasions. These occasions goes from getting needed supplies by hunting or going to the nearest village to living in the surface for a year at the age of ten as a rite of passage. They are fast and nimble and considered having the best skills as thieves, rogues, and assassins due to their lifestyle within living in dark caves. Their abilities does not stop their, thanks to living in the dark their eyes have adapted to gaining night vision and pin point accuracy making them incredible archers and long range attackers. Unlike their surface counterparts, they worship that of complete darkness, a deity known only as "He Of A Thousand Eyes" who is represented as a giant spider. They have their own society, their own guides and rules of life, but for those who does not desire to live in such style they are allowed to leave and pursue their own goals. Some Drow live normal lives, some even use their skills to live as bounty hunters, hired assassins, and other means of survival.

Dwarf: There once was a time where Neonian craftsmanship was second best when crafting weapons and armors. Dwarves are small bearded humanoids that once lived deep underground through large tunnels they called Thaigs and spend their time crafting great machinery and metalwork's to aid themselves and those of the surface. Dwarves had no affiliation with magic, but they sufficed by using special light blue crystals into their tools and weapons as well as crushing these crystals to make special powder to fuel these magical constructs. When Dwarves still roamed the land, they were not on great terms with the Neonian Empire and neither were they. Several battles ensued due to their rivalry. It was until one day the Neonian Empire devised a plan and crafted special machines to cause all the Dwarven Thaigs to collapse and entrapping every Dwarf underground, killing them in the process. It was only then the Neonians start to dig into the numerous lost Thaigs and steal the Dwarven tools, constructs, blueprints and other possessions to eliminate any competition. However, only a select few Thaigs have been discovered, and some of those Thaigs may still be buried underneath all that rubble. To whomever finds them and return to the Neonian Empire with the knowledge of the Thaigs location, would become rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Elf: Appearing as humans, Elves have several distinct features to them to separate themselves to be classified as human. For example; the most common feature of elves are their pointed ears. Another feature is that a high percentage of them are mostly blonde, and are more highly adaptive towards magic than any other humanoid species. It is unknown to the Neonian Empire where exactly they have originated from, some believing that they are a cross breed between a certain species and humans. Some believe they are the light reflection of Orcs. In their religious form of their creation, they believe they were descended by Solaris, a sun god whom is also worshiped by those of Soleanna. They are not much as physical fighters and will mostly use magical attacks to defend themselves, but they are not afraid to take up swords and shields and train themselves to use them properly if they must. They are usually seen in large forests inside white stone structures consisting of marble and white gold. They do not get along with other humans and Drows however, one due to racial standards and the other for religious matters.

High Vampire: They can seem innocent and normal, but one wrong turn and you'll find yourself as nothing more than a blood dry husk or worse. High Vampires are ancient undead humanoids that have successfully integrated themselves as a normal human being. Their appearance are easily mistaken as normal humans but much like any vampire they have their weaknesses, silver being the most strongest against them. Even still, they will always not be alone entirely. Unlike normal Vampires, they are intelligent creatures and know how to stalk their prey, and know if they are being stalked as prey. When the moment is right, they can easily turn the tables and turn the hunter into the hunted. Most High Vampires build their own clans over time and spread out, each clan having their own traits and mutations of their bloodlines giving them unique abilities. It can be tricky to know a High Vampire when you see one, but with the right perception a High Vampire can easily be spotted. Whether they have more paler skin than others, their canines more longer than normal human canines, or the raw scent of iron in their breath.

Nymph: A beautiful nightmare they can be if not careful. Nymphs are dark sinned female humanoids with that of goat horns, tribal tattoos on parts of their body, and revealing clothing. Nymphs are rather harmless at first, they can easily integrate themselves as a part of society and only come out during the late hours to avoid detection. But when threatened, they can use their sharp claws to rip through flesh and kill whomever tries to harm them. Other than that, they are usually sexual in nature and look all over for a selective amount of males and females to add to its harem. Once they find a suitable male or female, they excrete an arousing aroma that heightens their partner's sexual senses to the point of being mind controlled by the Nymph. Upon control, the Nymph can do as they please with their mate. Having sexual intercourse for hours even. In some cases, these people who are ensnared by the Nymph tend to die from sheer exhaustion. The only way for a Nymph to release control over their mate is for one to hand the Nymph special rare flowers. Nymphs love exotic flowers, so hope you can find or get an exotic flower real soon.

Overlander: Even after the events during the creation of Mobius, humans managed to survive the vast energies of Chaos that rampaged the world thousands of years ago, and because of this survival some humans adapted with these Chaos Energies. Their appearance are similar to normal humans but unlike humans they are able to use magic and bend Chaos Energy to their will. Their most renown school of magic is called Magitek; the art of controlling electrical impulses and electric signals. To some belief, Magitek is a more corrupted form of the use of the Order of Ixis and even so the practice of such arts have been lost to most Overlanders. Still, much like every human, a good Overlander is a dead Overlander.






















Bone Lord:







Skull Colossus:










YOUR CHARACTER AS A NEONIAN: 5 POINTS (Please give description of what you want your character to be as a Neonian [Example: Worker, Slave, Soldier, Warrior, Mage, Thief, Assassin, Council Member, Noble, etc.])



13 Things About Me:
1. I am awesome
2. I have an epic beard
3. I'm rather insane
4. I can punch a polar bear and get away with it
5. I play Skyrim ALOT
6. I love murder, and sodomy
7. My favorite color is six
8. The fuck are you reading this for?
9. Skulls, skulls everywhere.
10. I despise trees and badger people.
11. :iconluigifuckyouplz:
12. I like to burn things
13. Deviantart is like chess, you got your major pieces, your pawns, and your fucking idiot who likes to put those pawns up his ass!

Questions I had to answer.

1. What are your thoughts on OC/canon relationships?
A: Mince meat

2. Who is your best internet friend?
A: I have one of those?

3. Name one game you enjoyed playing.
A: Skyrimmmmmmmmmmmmm

4. Do you believe in a thing called love?

5. Is there a person you admire/respect on deviantart?
A: My butt slave Charles Dickens

6. Favorite color?
A: Q

7. Have you ever wondered why your favorite color is your favorite color?
A: :icongodeeperplz:

8. Is there anything you wish you could improve on with your art?
A: Shit man, if I could turn my shit into actual shit, then that shit will be crazy as shit.

9. How many pets do you own?
A: None, not unless you count those damn barking minis I just skinned earlier.

10. Why do you draw/write the way you draw/write?
A: Because I can?

11. Any rituals before drawing/writing you want to share?
A: Get about four dozen eggs and mix the fuck out them.

12. Share a song that resonates with you.
A: Tree songs actually: Game Over by DAGames, Techno Destructo by GWAR, and Panic Attack by Dream Theater

13. You are given the ability to choose your spirit animal. What is it and why.
A: A fucking epic dragon because fuck you.

Questions for the Tagged to Answer
1. What is five times two? Dont be a retard with this question.
2. Cyborg Polar Bear with Chainsaw Hands or Two Headed Fire Breathing T-Rex?
3. Based on the last question, how well would you survive fighting that?
4. You've been hit by a smooth what now?
5. What the fuck is this?
6. Favorite Star of the Andromeda system?
7. Why is Jak Lost Frontier Shit?
8. Will you get in my stew, I'm starving!
9. Do you know the definition of insanity?
10. Foxxy or Foxy?
11. If you kill a call girl and put her in the trunk of a car wrapped in a rug, what is she called?
12. Konomi code, go!
13. Do you feel satisfied with yourself you sick bastard?


1. You must post these rules.

2. Everyone must share one fact about themselves.

3. No saying you don't do tags.

4. You must make up ten questions for everyone you tag.

5. You must tag ten people.

One fact about me:
I like french toast
Questions I had to answer.
You: Can you answer a question real quick?
Me: No.
You: Do you have time to answer 10 questions?
Me: Go fuck yourself.
You: How about 8?
Me: How about go fuck yourself?
You: 7 good?
Me: Is go fucking yourself good?
You: No? How about 6 then?
Me: No. How about go fuck yourself.
You: Would 5 work for you?
Me: Would fucking yourself work for you?
You: Come on, you can at least answer 4, right?
Me: What part of go fuck yourself are you not understanding?
You: Would 3 be okay?
Me: No, fuck you. Did you understand that?
You: Can you at least answer one measly question?
Me: Fine, god damn if you will just fuck off!
You: Do you like chain letters??
Me: My battleaxe disagrees.

I tag...Spooky Skeletons :iconskeletonplz:
Which dragon mod looks better?

Elemental Dragons?…?


Chaos Dragons?…?








YOUR CHARACTER AS A NEONIAN: 5 POINTS (Please give description of what you want your character to be as a Neonian [Example: Worker, Slave, Soldier, Warrior, Mage, Thief, Assassin, Council Member, Noble, etc.])






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