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S'chivar the Thief Assassin by NeonBlacklightTH S'chivar the Thief Assassin by NeonBlacklightTH
Name: S'chivar

Age: 23

LV: 47

Use: Stealth

Class: Assassin

Weapon: Dagger of the Ancients

Armor: Shadowcloak Armor

Clothes: Dreadweve Hood

Race: Khajiit

Birthsign: The Shadow

Skills: Lockpick, Sneak, Blade, Illusion, Alchemy, Light Armor, & Acrobatics

History: During his years he was a ranked assassin in the Dark Brotherhood, no one in the sanctuary could match his skills in the dark shadows of assassination. One day he was assigned to kill an old man in Morrowind, he ventured to the forgotten lands and found the old man and was about to sink his blade into his throat. But before he did, the old man offered him a trade. If he were to spare his life, he would give him a powerful dagger that his family once held. His greed gotten the best of him and accepted the offer. And with that he soon became the next target for the Dark Brotherhood. Years of running, he hid himself away by using the Thieves Guild as his protection only to yet again be kicked out because of his personal greed. He drifted all over Cyrodill, trying to find a place to hide and a place to protect him. One night he found an Ayleid ruin near Bravil and took shelter only to be ambushed by a gang of Necromancers. He fought his way through and went face to face with their leader. Hours went by and their power were both equal to their own. The necromancer offered him shelter and other luxerys if he is to serve under him. Without hesitation he agreed and soon grown a bond with the necromancer, and soon became partners to defeat those who looks down upon them.
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July 1, 2012
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